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OurTime has become a popular dating platform for people aged 50 years and above. It brings together single folk from all corners of the world who are looking for serious relationships and partners. The platform features over a million registered users who most are quite active in interacting and sharing media content such as photographs, videos, and audios. Finding that special person on Our Time is quite easy since when building your profile, you do provide in-depth information about yourself. To make matters even better you can upload audio or visual greetings to your profile.


Registering at OurTime is free of charge. But, this will only place you in the standard membership category. However, to get access to more features on the platform, you should upgrade to premium memberships. The monthly membership fees are $29.96 whereas it costs $90 for a six-month membership. For the value six months paid membership, you will have to pay $107.96. From these figures, the six-month membership seems to be a more cost-effective option.

The Features of OurTime.com

1. Live Chat

This is one of the features that makes OurTime.com so popular. The live chat section allows you to communicate on a real-time basis with other online users. It’s not only fun, but it’s an opportunity that helps you to get to know the character of other people. Unlike sending messages, live chats give you immediate responses.

2. Customer Service Section

If you are new to the site and you are perhaps incurring any difficulties with navigation, you can contact customer care for assistance. They are available on a 24/7 basis and can also give you dating tips when you are both online and offline.

3. Video and Audio Greetings

As mentioned earlier, you can create and upload visual/audio greetings on your profile. Therefore anytime another user checks you up. They are presented with a greeting. This is one of the pros of having a premium membership.

4. Strict Safety Measures

When using OurTime.com, you can be assured that your details are safe and aren’t shared with third parties. Moreover, you have the freedom to disable your account when you see it fit. And, you also can regulate those who can or can’t view your profile.

5. Message Starter Idea

OurTime.com does understand how difficult it can be when creating the first message to another user. According to the ‘rules’ of online dating, the first message should create a lasting impression. This is why the message starter idea gives you clues on what you might wish to know about another user. Thus giving you insight on how you can formulate a catchy message.

6. A Powerful Search Engine

At OurTime.com you can use two types of search options. There is a basic search which will give you general results of people you might be interested in. Alternatively, you can use the advanced search option where you can specify distinct characteristics of other users.

The Advantages

There is no doubt that OurTime.com is one of the leading dating sites for seniors. This can be attributed to the many factors it features. For instance, the option to upload visual or audio greetings to your profile gives you an upper hand when it comes to finding suitable partners. Its powerful search engine also makes it ideal for you to find a partner with the characteristics you are interested in.

By using OurTime.com, you don’t have to endure receiving endless notifications or messages from just anybody. You can easily block or mute users you do not wish to communicate with. The message starter idea is also an essential feature that will help you learn more about a user before you message them. The platform has even gone an extra mile in ensuring nearly all of the active accounts are genuine.

The Disadvantages

There are a few users who have complained that the site is a bit too complex for seniors aged fifty years and above to navigate. However, you should know that the support team is always available and willing to help you whenever you face challenges on the platform.

The Mobile App

OurTime.com does have a mobile app thus making it more convenient for you to interact with other users irrespective of where you are. You can send or receive messages when you are at work, home or outdoors just by logging into your account via your phone.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for the ideal dating site for seniors, then you should have a look at OurTime.com. The site boasts of a user-friendly interface integrated with a lot of unique features that aim to better your dating experience. It has lots of active users, and the customer care team is quite helpful.

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