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Online dating is a great way to connect with someone who shares the same interests, hopes, and possibly dreams. Some may feel that online dating is more for the younger crowd to partake in but in reality, it is for people of all ages. This includes seniors. After the retirement age, some seniors may find it difficult to transition into the dating scene. They may be divorced, had a spouse who has passed on, or never have found the true love they are looking for. It may be hard for them to ask friends if they know someone their age who is available or the area they live in may not have exactly what/who they are looking for. Online dating helps to solve these problems by providing perfect matches and possible love interests without having to leave the comfort of their homes.

Seniors have plenty of life experience and wisdom. They have been around long enough to know their wants, needs, and desires. When it comes to them finding a mate, they know what they are looking for and can use online sites to find just that. There are so many sites available for online dating. Some of these sites are free and some require a paid membership when you are ready to connect with someone. Seniors may be excited to know that there are actually online dating sites and chat rooms that cater to their age group. These sites are great because you don’t have to worry about running into the younger crowd. This doesn’t mean that sites for 18 and up won’t have someone they may interest them. It’s just good to know that those age specific options are available for those who want to use them. Here are a few websites that can help you find exactly what you’re looking for and can offer a good experience as well., OurTime, and 321 Chat. is hands down the largest and most known online dating site. They have been around for many years and have a huge database of available singles of all ages. It is free to register and free to browse for 3 days. This gives you a chance to learn to navigate the site and see if anyone interests you, without having to pay anything upfront. Their profiles are detailed and they have several ways to find you the perfect mate like their Daily Matches, Reverse Match, and Mutual Match. Daily Matches are sent by the system on a daily basis, based on what you are looking for. You can either choose to like any of the options or you can skip them. Reverse Match will take your profile and show it to people looking for someone like you, to possibly find a connection that way, and Mutual Match shows profiles that are mutually compatible. You can also do your own searches through the filters available. You can choose the age you are looking for, distance, lifestyle, interests, etc. After you have browsed and have found some people you are interested in getting to know, you must then pay for a membership in order to fully communicate with them. This can be seen as a bonus due to both parties having to use a credit card. The system will have the credit card information on file and if there is a problem with a user, they will be able to know who exactly they are.

OurTime is a site for men and women age 50 and up. This one is great because it strictly caters to the older crowd. Their site is easy to navigate, free to browse, and you won’t run across anyone younger. They offer “Today’s Matches” which is similar to’s “Daily Matches”. You’ll see a different list each day of potential mates and have the option to like them or not. If you are interested in someone but scared to make the first move, you can use “Match Me”. This is an option that allows the system to place you in that person’s “Today’s Matches” and you’ll be notified if they like you and things can go from there. While the site is free to browse, you will still need a paid membership in order to access some of the better features. They also offer their own virtual currency. This is a way to get add on features and allows you to send virtual gifts within the site. This site isn’t quite as big as but having the age requirement ensures you’ll only find potential mates in the 50 and up age group.

321 Chat is an online chat room. This differs from and OurTime because it is chat room based. You can either chat with a whole group or an individual person. There is a list of all of the chat rooms available that are based on age, interests, and/or topics. Upon entering a chat room, you can join the conversation that is going on in the room or send a private/direct message to any user that interests you. This does mean running into people of all ages and can be a little more social that the other two sites. With that being said, it can be a fun environment for someone who likes to be part of a group conversation and wants to talk to any and everyone.

Overall, online dating for seniors can be a wonderful way to keep up with the times, find companionship, find love, and/or maybe find someone to marry. Each site has several safety protocols in place to ensure none of your private info is released to potential mates and as long as you do not disclose it; there is nothing to worry about. Browse the eligible singles, mingle and flirt, and give yourself some happiness you deserve because love has no age limit.

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