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Seniors Meet is an online dating site for the senior members of the community. Because it is part of the People Media’s Our Time Community, the site has a huge database from the millions of people who are members. Seniors Meet has been in operation for the past 10 years and is constantly updating the site to be at par with many modern features.

Through the site, you are able to meet new people, send messages, send flirts, and even chat with your new friends online. Thanks to the huge database, chances of getting a partner are high. Once you have opened an account and set up your profile, all the many members of the site see it.

What Are Its Key Features?

Given that it is a dating site, Seniors Meet comes with a couple of features that make the whole experience on the site an enjoyable one. They are:

Profile Verification: The site allows you to verify your profile in a number of ways. You can change and verify your photos, your age, your profession, and any other piece of basic information. By doing so, the site managers are able to easily differentiate scams from real users. This means that a profile that is well verified stands higher chances of being matched with the right partner.

Forum Posting: Through the site, you get to interact with many members by posting on the forum. Through the forum, members get to exchange their views and opinions on certain topics. There are quite a number of existing discussions that you can get involved in as well as start new discussions.

Daily and Timely Updates: As a member of Seniors Meet, you will get daily updates on all matters concerning dating. Every day, you will get to read of news about dating as well as success stories of couple who found each other through the site. The site also allows registered members to share dating tips, which you can read on a daily basis.

Interaction: Seniors Meet allows all their members to interact freely with other members. You can get to see how your potential matches look likes by browsing through their profiles and photos. The site also allows you to send greeting cards to other members as well as creative birthday cards and wishes to any friends you make through the site.

What Are the Charges?

If you are just starting out on the site and are not sure, the site offers you a free membership plan. The membership is only a trial one for a couple of days to help you decide whether to go ahead.

Besides the free basic membership, Seniors Meet also offers both premium and gold membership. Depending on what membership you choose, you get access to different features on the dating site.

For both membership plans, subscriptions are available in three different categories.

1-month subscription plan for $29.99

6-month subscription plan for $14.99 per month

12-month subscription, which comes with a highlighted profile, for $16.99 per month.

It is important to note that these charges are not fixed. The site may decide to change the charges as they deem fit. Before choosing a subscription plan, be sure to check the prices.

Are My Details on the Site Safe?

Online safety is important, and Seniors Meet has put in place tough measures to ensure the safety of all the members’ details. While giving your credentials during sign-up, you can be sure that they are all safe from any third parties.


Authentic: Because of the self-identification and verification feature, Seniors Meet is quite authentic. When registering as a member, you will be required to verify your name, age, and profession. This helps to identify any scammers on the site.

Member Interaction: The site offers great opportunities for members to interact. As a member, you get access to lots of tips from other members. You also get to chip in to the latest discussions as well as provide support for other members. It is simply a whole community of seniors.


Basic: Seniors Meet is quite a basic dating site. Besides the chance to send greeting and birthday cards to other members, the site does not come with other features.


Seniors Meet is a great site for the older generation to meet and interact with others like them. We love that it is quite easy to use and that it offers different membership plans, so you can choose one that works for you. Simply head over to the site and get started on the search for your ideal partner.

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